Editor's Letter: Communication Activated

Companies wanting to obtain greater user engagement must be active in their communication; they must constantly focus on the development and distribution of information and data through myriad digital channels in order to be considered successful.

Creating a true, meaningful and profitable connection, however, requires a community and the benefits derived from it.

The benefits of hosting and managing an online community are many (as any savvy and experienced Web professional can attest). Not only will there be an inevitable increase in Web marketing performance metrics (such as time on site and page views), for example, there is also the potential for reduced costs (associated with self-service benefits) and, of course, greater profits.

So where should you look for useful insights into the nuances of operating a user community? Start with this month's feature article from Website Magazine. Editorial Director Amberly Dressler expertly showcases how brands today can create and sustain long-term relationships with customers by creating online communities, featuring software solutions from companies that are leading the charge, and practical insights for true digital communication activation.

This issue of Website Magazine (#121) also provides guidance on a range of topics useful to Web professionals including information on adoption of "headless" ecommerce solutions, a practical case study on the use of financing to influence conversion rate, a special look at the new vertical-specific rules for search engine optimization and more. Website Magazine readers also have access to many other articles tackling important subjects like changing company culture and complying with new data collection and usage rules as well as a list of 50 top solutions for building a user network and gathering user feedback.

Enjoy this issue of Website Magazine! Then, visit us on the Web where our editors and industry contributors publish content daily that matters to your online success.

Best Web Wishes,
Peter Prestipino

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