Editor's Letter - September 2016

:: Email Optimization and the Digital Experience::

There's been one constant and incredibly consistent channel in the realm of digital marketing. While there have been significant innovations in its virtual lifespan, and as many setbacks as experienced Web professionals can imagine, email remains a dominant force on the 'Net today.

What is unique about email is that in many ways it is the perfect balance between the technical and the creative. Web professionals use the email channel not only to communicate essential information, but also to engage their audience, build loyalty and drive revenue. The savviest enterprises are well aware of its potential and are continuing to invest in it heavily even as the ecosystem itself is evolving quickly and dramatically.

In this issue of Website Magazine, readers will get a close-up look at how email can be the connective tissue between all of their marketing and customer experience initiatives. If enterprises are serious about 'Net success, then now is the time to start optimizing the email experience, mastering the intricacies of the channel's ecosystem, and preparing their brands for a better response and improved performance from their future campaigns.

In addition to the insights and experience-driven wisdom shared in the feature article of this month's edition of Website Magazine, readers will also have access within these pages to important technology, tips and trends, including practical guidance and insights on mobile's role in the customer journey, developing persuasive product pages, social news feed optimization strategies, website testing and more. This issue also includes useful information on digital best practices, such as tips on content marketing for small and medium-sized businesses, selling internationally, millennial-focused design, local search marketing, as well as a list of 50 of the most popular new generic top-level domains.

As always, we hope you enjoy this issue and join us on the Web where our editors and experienced contributors share their insights into the technologies, tactics and techniques that are helping today's enterprises achieve 'Net success.

Best Web Wishes,
Peter Prestipino  

Peter@WebsiteMagazine.com Next Month: Conversions for All

Whether you operate in the ecommerce, information publishing or service provider space, your company relies on conversions to pay the rent. With so much forethought from end-users these days, however, actual sales can be more difficult to come by if the right steps and solutions aren't put into place to propel people forward during and after their research phase. Join us next month when we cover conversion optimization tips and tech for your 'Net enterprise.