Editor's Letter: The Experience Speaks for Itself

Optimizing a customer's experience is a priority for digital enterprises and for good reason - online consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience.

Despite the obvious benefits of putting the customer first and optimizing the myriad elements of a digital presence, most simply fail in nearly every way when it comes to optimizing their performance.

Research released in mid-February 2017 from customer relationship management (CRM) software provider SuperOffice revealed that 41 percent of companies do not even respond to customer service emails, and 90 percent of companies do not even acknowledge or inform a customer that their email has been received.

In an omnichannel world, brands that understand consumers' expectations and deliver a digital experience to match are those best positioned for immediate and long-term success. User experience is an essential digital practice, encompassing both design and communication, and as a result how enterprises approach the practice varies greatly. In this month's feature article, Website Magazine has brought together a panel of user experience experts to discuss the implementation of user experience optimization efforts, the pitfalls to avoid and the priorities enterprise should have throughout these initiatives.

In addition to the insights shared in this issue of Website Magazine's April 2017 feature article, readers will have access to other insightful articles on a range of topics including cloud security, local marketing, collaboration software and more from some of digital media's brightest minds. This issue also offers useful information on a variety of other subjects essential to 'Net success including link building in search engine optimization, affiliate marketing for online retailers, conversion rate optimization and more, as well as a list of 50 of the top search engine optimization software solutions.

As always, we hope you enjoy this issue of Website Magazine and encourage you to join us on the 'Net where our editors and industry contributors share the technologies and insights that matter most to Web success.

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Peter Prestipino

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