Get In Front of Google PLAs

Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) continue to generate nearly 1.5 times the click-through rate (CTR) of regular text ads and convert 23 percent better according to Kenshoo's 2012 Global Online Retail Holiday Shopping Report.


And according to Jefferies Equity Research, Kenshoo is the top PLA provider at 10 percent of total PLAs deployed, twice the number of the second-highest company. As such, Kenshoo announced updated functionality for Kenshoo Enterprise and Kenshoo Editor, including enhanced support for Google AdWords, Google Product Listings Ads, as well as the Yahoo! Bing Network. 


Kenshoo Enterprise now features increased support for PLAs with enhanced reporting capabilities and Google Merchant Center integration. 


"Kenshoo helped retailers get out in front of Google PLAs with the industry's first custom PLA bid algorithms and, as Google Shopping moves to a paid model in markets across Europe and Asia, our clients can fully capture the opportunity," said William Martin-Gill, general manager, Kenshoo Search. "With our agile release cycle, Kenshoo continues to keep clients ahead of the competition with more enhancements to improve performance from PLAs, search and digital marketing across the board."


Additionally, Kenshoo clients can also leverage Kenshoo Editor to activate Kenshoo Enterprise's new functionality. Kenshoo Editor is a cross-channel desktop editor that enables bulk campaign management in a "copy and paste" environment, reducing time spent on complex tasks.  


"Kenshoo Editor is really convenient for making bulk changes across multiple channels and ensuring proper tracking," said Casee Konick, paid search manager at Home Away, an online marketplace for vacation rentals.