Google Goes International with Rich Snippets

Google announced the international availability of rich snippets on the Webmaster Central Blog this week. For those unfamiliar with rich snippets, they enable you to include additional data form your site in search results. That got your attention, didn't it? 

Documentation is now published on how to mark up sites correctly in several languages include simplied and traditional Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Polish, and many others (including English).

Different types of rich snippets are currently supported including profiles of people, reviews, videos, events, and recipes. Google has provided a very handy testing tool which lets you validate your markup to make sure results are shown the way you want them.

Before you rush off and retool your site to include rich snippets, know that Google will be taking a "gradual approach" to surface the data - meaning there is no guarantee that the rich snippets you include will be shown on the SERP's.