Google News Cheat Sheet

Website Magazine quizzed its readers on Google updates in the September 2017 issue. We promised a cheat sheet for those who wanted to fully read up on the news coming out of Google headquarters, so here is that information:

Question: When it comes to how Google geotargets search rankings to serve users in different locations, the following does not matter:

+ Read: 
Server Location "Irrelevant" Says Google's Mueller

Question: What is the Intrusive Interstitial Penalty?

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Question: Google now enables consumers to do this directly from Google Maps and Search...?

+ Read:
Local Business URLs

Question: Companies can share content with this new feature within Google My Business...

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Question: While not the only sites affected by the "Fred" update, they were hit the hardest...

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Question: True or False: In July 2017, Google introduced SOS Alerts in Google Search and Maps to help people affected by crises around the world.

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Question: Google offers publishers two ways to prove they are not spreading misinformation...?

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Question: When Google users enter job-seeking queries, they will now see in-depth results including the following...?

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Question: In order for users to directly flag content that appears within these two search areas, Google now offers a feedback link within...?

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