Haggle Your Products Online

Name your price is a concept that is familiar to consumers thanks to websites like Priceline, Progressive Insurance or even, in a way, price-matching.

Newly launched UHaggled.com is looking to capitalize on that familiarity with its service, which features a vast array of top brand names, free shipping, and name your own price within the following retail categories: electronics, fashion, health and beauty, home and garden, music, children's items, sports and more.

Let's see how it works...the Website Magazine office, for example, could use this "House Divided" rug next football season. 

It's listed at $59.99, but the most we will "pretend pay" for it is $35, which wasn't accepted. Instead, UHaggled.com showed the lowest it would go, $47.57 - at least that's what we thought. 

When we tried again, we got $46.15, tried again and got $43.20...

Seemingly, UHaggled.com is joining the "consumer empowerment" movement at just the right time, but it has some competition in Greentoe.com (a very similar service), as well as Amazon, of course (with its rock-bottom pricing). But, hey, who doesn't? 

Companies interested in offering their products on UHaggled.com may benefit from extra exposure and there are no per-item listing fees. Additionally, brands can list products in more than 10 categories.