Join the A-List with Prosperent Celebrity API

Performance marketers operating in the affiliate space are continually looking for ways to access new streams of revenue, and a new API from Prosperent (a provider of affiliate tools) lets them do that in a high-fashion manner.

Prosperent's new Celebrity API enables developers to query a database of more than 400 celebrities and receive a list of products associated with an individual celebrity's style. The API then provides raw data on the celebrity products that can be incorporated into the backend of a site. The "consumer-facing" results are a list of top celebrity-inspired products with celebrity photos of course links to purchase the returned products online.

Prosperent's Celebrity Product API follows a commission-based payment structure in which customers are paid 70 percent of each sale.

"Traditionally, a web developer or content creator would need to devote hundreds of hours of manual work to research the products associated with celebrities," said Brian Lovett, CEO of Prosperent. "Our new API will give our users fast and easy access to celebrity products and can be used on its own, or as a supportive component to a larger performance advertising campaign with PerformanceAds and ProsperLinks."