Keep Your Passwords Safe

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 23 Jul, 2015

Consumers today are constantly asked to create accounts on websites that they visit, resulting in users having dozens of separate usernames and passwords to remember.


Password Boss has announced the launch of its company to the consumer market by introducing its two signature products, a free password manager dubbed Password Vault and a digital wallet.


Through the new password manager users are able to store an unlimited number of passwords as well as share any item in their account with anyone they choose. Users that leverage the company's Digital Wallet offering will be endowed with automatic form filling capabilities, as well as the ability to store bank account details and receive a personal security score that will give them recommendations on how they can increase their online security.


"Most people aren't motivated to change their poor password habits," said Password Boss founder and CEO Steve Wise. "Despite the fact that four of ten companies were hacked in 2014, most of us continue to use and reuse crackable passwords that are easy to remember, store passwords in unsafe places and rely too much on clicking 'forgot password' links. As consumers, we want things to be easy. That's why we created Password Boss."