Listen Up: AudioPal

If you want to add some quick but custom audio to your website and don't want to spend hours (or dollars) doing so, you might want to check out AudioPal, a great free service developed by OddCast - makers of the SitePal Speaking characters we've all come to know and love (or at least used to).

The web service lets you add/create audio by recording a message by phone, a microphone, and even offers a direct audio upload option. AudiopPal also offers a text to speech option (limited to 600 characters) in a variety of languages and voice types.

Users are able to preview the message and then grab a widget/player to include on your site/page. Audiopal provides the option to play the audio recording on page load but I personally advise against that.

I would expect Oddcast/AudioPal to release a pay version of this service in short order.