LiveJournal & OLX Partner for Co-Branded Classifieds

Weblog hosting platform LiveJournal and online classied site OLX have launched a co-branded classified channel at LiveJournal.

LiveJournal already has several communities that help its user sell, buy and exchange good/services. Now this partnership enables LJ users to have a dedicated platform for these activities.

The new classified section at LiveJournal offers full-feature OLX functionality and access to the entire classifieds database (over two million listings). The new section will enable users to publish classifieds not only in communities, but also in categories covering particular kinds of goods and services. Any ad created by an LJ user will be automatically added to the OLX database.

"LiveJournal is based on interaction between users, exchange of information, opinions and moods. Classifieds posting service will smoothly expand formats of such interaction. We welcome the opportunity to work with OLX, especially taking into account that OLX and LJ are international projects. Our cooperation will let us provide new opportunities for LiveJournal users worldwide," said Boris Ovchinnikov, LiveJournal Russia general manager.