Marketing in the Amazon Age

Performance marketing agency Performics has released a marketing platform for the Amazon age. 

The solution, named Caiman, is designed for marketers running Amazon search advertising campaigns and provides daily keyword-level campaign data that is pulled from a direct data feed from Amazon. Caiman will enable Performics teams to extract data that can be used in bid optimization, budget and targeting, in order to help their clients increase sales on the Web world's largest marketplace - Amazon.

Performics currently buys and optimizes Amazon marketplace ads for over 50 clients globally. Performics is a preferred Amazon partner and was the first agency to receive a direct feed of clients' data from Amazon, which populates Caiman.

"Brand discovery and purchase behaviors have moved far beyond 'traditional' search engines, with Amazon being a prime example. This new landscape requires a new approach for marketers-an approach that includes strategy and technology for engaging searchers on commerce marketplaces like Amazon. Performics' Caiman technology makes clients' Amazon marketing investments more effective and efficient by enabling algorithmic optimization of Amazon campaigns using daily user data."