Marketing to the 5 Mom Types"

PunchTab recently looked into the behaviors and psychographics among mothers online and identified common personas derived from their digital conversations.

They found the five most prominent to be the expecting mom, the healthy mom, the working mom, the hyper-social mom and the do-it-yourself (DIY) mom. With the help of PunchTab, let's dive into how to move these mothers toward purchase based on their "mommy personas".

The Expecting Mom

A pregnant mom is curious about her baby's growth and preparing for her child's arrival. She leverages Pinterest to look for baby room ideas and baby clothes and by creating wish lists for maternity fashion. Aside from Pinterest, PunchTab also reports that expecting moms love Facebook (for sharing pregnancy updates and shots of their growing baby bumps) and blogs (to seek out advice from other moms). Expecting moms tend to shy away from Twitter. 

PunchTab advises brands to engage this mom with a Pinterest campaign. The maternity clothing company Bellabum ran the "Show us Your Bellabumbum" campaign. This contest offered pregnant women a chance to win a $500 shopping spree for creating a pin board featuring photos of meaningful moments throughout their pregnancy. They entered by tweeting the board with a campaign-specific hashtag. This is a great opportunity for brands to build relationships with a demographic that will be loyal in their future child-raising years.

The Healthy Mom

Moms who are interested in healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families tend to flock to Pinterest (for recipe ideas and new exercise routines), Facebook (to share pictures of food and get support for fitness goals) and blogs (to ask questions and get advice). 

Healthy moms trust other healthy moms, so PunchTab advises brands that if they can get brand loyalty from one healthy mom or have a healthy mom as a spokesperson, other healthy moms will catch on. 

The Working Mom

Moms who work either at home or in-office leverage LinkedIn (for work), Facebook (to post pictures of what their kids are doing and to keep their spouses in the loop) and Etsy (to use it for their own businesses, to support other moms or to buy things for themselves or their families). 

PunchTab tells us that working moms love product reviews from trusted sources, so brands targeting these women, should include product reviews in their marketing materials. 

The Social Mom

As the number one persona on Facebook, the social mom uses this social network for everything - for both personal and professional reasons. The social mom, as the name indicates, is on nearly every social network though, so brands will want to engage with them on multiple channels, not just Facebook.  

The Do It Yourself Mom

As you might imagine, the DIY mom loves Pinterest. According to PunchTab, conversations on Pinterest exceeded Facebook conversions by two times among the DIY moms. Brands have to encourage the DIY mom's creative side with campaigns that include makeovers, crafts, party planning, etc. 

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