MediaMath Opens Up the DSP

MediaMath, a provider of cross-exchange ad management and technology services, has released Brain Algorithm Visualization, a tool which provides transparency into demand side platforms to users of its TerminalOne platform  - an automated digital marketing platform. 

TerminalOne clients' users can now see how individual impressions are valued, and precisely what data drives the valuations. 

"It's not enough to generate the best campaign performance - sophisticated buyers need to transparently understand how and why that performance is achieved," says Ari Buchalter, PhD, MediaMath's COO and chief architect of its Brain algorithm. "There were no pre-existing tools that really addressed the challenges of RTB, so we built our own from the ground up. Now we're sharing what we've built with the world."

There has been a noticeable uptick in automated marketing platforms of late. Where MediaMath and its TerminalOne product shine however is in their committment to transparency for the sake of performance - their clients and their own.

Snapshot of the TerminalOne platform: