Meet the Incredible Hull

The ability to make intelligent decisions on how to better engage with customers is a practice that is tough to come by for most marketers.

Brands such as Universal Pictures, Airbnb, Wilson and Jackson Family Wine, however, connect with their customers and prospects through Hull, which takes a unique approach to customer identification that makes it possible to engage more intelligently. 

Website Magazine caught up with Hull's CEO, Stefan Koenig, who provided an example of how Jackson Family Wine used Hull to provide an educational aspect to its La Crema brand's digital experience, while collecting "taste profiles" at scale. How it worked was when users engaged with interactive quizzes, polls and tutorials, La Crema monitored these interactions on the site, measured social media shares and more to get a better understanding of its customers' interests. 

They collected different taste profiles at scale from people voting for their favorite wines; data which can be utilized for sales and marketing campaigns in the future. On the back-end, La Crema (owned by Jackson Family Wine) can do a search for the thousands of people who voted for a specific wine and create a personal message to them that says something to the effect of, "Limited-Time Only: We have a small supply of Wine X you indicated you wanted." For the customer, (1) this shows that the brand knows what they want/has listened to them and (2) provides a sense of urgency to purchase the product they had selected. 

In addition to features like quizzes, gamification, social sharing buttons and more, Hull provides baked-in social login (see image), email registration and guest user support (while on the back-end associating the consumer with an ID, tracking their engagement actions and more to build a profile even if visitors haven't created an account) - allowing Hull customers to know their users (and their associations) across every one of their owned media channels.  

Those interested in Hull should know it offers its product to companies of all sizes - allowing the smallest or largest of companies to take the first step in the personalization and omnichannel direction.