More Sites Moving to HTTPS

Many websites have made the switch to HTTPS; but not everyone.

Google indicated last year that sites that transitioned to the more secure protocol would receive a ranking boost, so why aren't more websites on that path?


Google's Ulya Grigorik posted on Google+ recently that over the past year, the number of HTTPS navigations in Chrome has grown by approximately 5 percent - from 58 percent to 63 percent. The goal, however, is for HTTPS to reach 100 percent.


Going HTTPS has been a bit more important for those in more competitive areas, since it can be the smallest ranking boosts that can make one site rank higher than another. Gary Illyes from Google has also said they have plans to make it stronger, although that hasn't happened yet.


Google has been pretty vocal about pushing for the entire Web to be secure, so this shows that their efforts are having some effect, although many expected that the numbers would have been much higher by now, not only as Google promotes it but with website owners becoming more aware of the benefits of going secure in an increasingly surveillanced world.