Net News Roundup - November 6, 2018

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Strong Growth Ahead for Mobile Video
Mobile video viewing continues to see steady growth, rising 9.8% year-on-year in Q2 with plays accounting for 62% of all online videos, according to Ooyala. Worldwide, smartphones for the first time accounted for a majority of video starts.

Chrome Expands Ad Blocker Capabilities
Abusive experiences are the next target for Chrome's ad blocker, which will go into action next month and will keep sites from advertising on Chrome if ads that don't meet the standards of the Coalition for Better Ads show up more than one time in 40 on a page.

Augmented Reality Catches on With Brands
AR is breaking out of the game category and catching on in a big way with brands and tech companies including Red Bull and Adidas, two companies currently using AR hoping to capitalize on the potential ofthe technology which exists on more than 2 billion smartphones.

3 Ways to Avoid Bias in Machine Learning
" At this moment in history it's impossible not to see the problems that arise from human bias. Now magnify that by compute and you start to get a sense for just how dangerous human bias via machine learning can be." 

Start Using the Right Data for Personalization
Developing customer loyalty provides a foundation for business growth, and data make possible the personalized digital marketing that is key to that goal. What types of data can be used for targeted marketing--contextual, demographic and behavioral -- as well as the data that can be gleaned from websites, email and mobile apps? 

Cookie-Based Marketing Misses the Mark
Research by Thunder Experience Cloud suggests cookie-based marketing often estimates unique reach at 101% more than reality, underestimates frequency by half and leads to 18% fewer conversions from ads.

The Psychological Triggers That Drive Social Sharing
Consumers share content on social media because they are psychologically driven to be helpful, to boost their reputation, to be seen as cutting edge, to obtain validation, to build emotional connections or to be viewed as discerning, according to research by The New York Times' Customer Insight Group.

How an Analytics Culture Drives Results
The importance of developing an analytics culture and addressing the associated challengesin building those cultures is becoming clear. Findings from a recent study reveal financial and organizational advantages for companies that are mastering measurement and analytics compared to those that are just starting or developing such programs.

74 Percent of Businesses Have a Google Local Review
A recent Brightlocal study indicates that 74 percent of local businesses have at least one Google review, while the average local business has 39 Google reviews.

10 Percent of Jobs WIll Be Lost to Automation
Robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) will create digital workers - software that automates tasks traditionally performed by humans - for more than 40 percent of companies next year, and a full one-tenth of future startups will employ more digital workers than human ones.