Path.To Helps Job Seekers Find The One

Finding "The One" can be difficult, not to mention stressful. It requires patience, optimism and a real understanding of what you're looking for so that, in the end, both parties can be satisfied. Thankfully, the Internet has come along to streamline the selection process for everyone out there looking to settle down.

I am, of course, talking about looking for a job. Like looking for love, finding one's ideal job is hardly an easy task; even if someone knows exactly what they want, it isn't always readily available.

The folks behind Path.To realized this, and recently launched the Web's first online job search service that provides job seekers with unique compatibility scores that will help them discover the opportunity that is just right for them. In other words, this is like eHarmony for job seekers.

The new Path.To Score ranking system will analyze each applicants individual characteristics, as well as those of each business and unique position available, to ultimately match up the top talent with the top job.

Path.To will determine the Score primarily based on three different criteria:

- Social Graph Path.To will be able to utilize a user's interests from their Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as their contributions and reputations on online professional communities (including Behance, Dribbble, Forrst and Github) to get an idea of the applicant's interest level in professional topics.

- Personality The service will also identify and incorporate information about what a user finds important at their next position, which can be anything from dress code to office culture to benefits, which will allow them to better match applicants with their ideal work environments.

- Skills and Experience While Path.To will obviously highlight an applicant's work experience and education, the service will also focus on specific skills that each unique position requires, enabling users to show off their experience through skills-based endorsements.

Currently, Path.To is only available in the San Francisco Bay Area and works exclusively with the interactive design, software engineering and IT professions. This is in large part because of the rapid growth that many companies, both emerging and established, in the Silicon Valley are currently undergoing. The service plans to expand into other markets, most notably Chicago and New York, by the end of 2012.

At present, there are jobs being featured by over 100 different tech companies on Path.To. Who knows, maybe one of them is right for you!