Popular Call Tracking Platforms

As users continue to conduct Web searches more and more on mobile devices, click-to-call CTAs are becoming more prevalent.

From asking questions regarding the availability of a product in-store to finding out the hours of operation on a particular day, click-to-call CTAs are used for a variety of reasons. In order to track how click-to-call CTAs are performing, marketers must monitor them with powerful analytic solutions.

Below is a list of popular call tracking platforms and solutions that can help any business.


Able to track your calls from a few of the most powerful sources (search, display and print), Avidtrak is a comprehensive call tracking platform that enables users to record calls for later analysis, record custom greetings and even alert the receiver to who the caller is before they start a conversation.


Thanks to a wide variety of features and integrations, CallRail helps advertisers to drive a deeper understanding of their consumers through actionable analytics.


As demonstrated by all of the different call tracking platforms on this list, tracking voice calls no longer sets a company apart from the competition. To set itself apart Twilio offers video chat with consumers on their mobile devices.


As companies grow and experience a greater number of customer service calls it's important they monitor and understand what type of questions they are receiving and the quality of service their customers are experiencing. Through CallFire companies are able to record all inbound calls for quality purposes as well as track calls and text messages sent to consumers with Google Analytics.


In addition to the real-time tracking capabilities of AnalyticCallTracking, the platform also enables its users to create blacklists which let them create lists of phone numbers they want to block.


With a variety of features, Dialogtech offers a comprehensive solution to their call tracking needs. Through Dialogtech users are able to dynamically display trackable phone numbers on their website, include call tracking data in their A/B tests and integrate their call data with Google Analytics, Universal Analytics and Google AdWords.


Convirza is a well-versed firm in call tracking with a wide range of solutions available for different areas of business including search marketing and mobile marketing. One of the more interesting features for search marketers with Convirza is that the solution delivers a lead score between 0-100 in order to help judge the effectiveness of campaigns.


Delivering numerous features to users, Invoca is a robust call-tracking platform that enables users to see who a caller is through Real-Time Caller Profiles that include where the caller works, their age range and their location. What's more, perhaps the most interesting and useful feature is the dashboard available to users that displays metrics such as top keywords driving calls, call volume and call cost.