PRWeb Tweets It - Launches TweetIt

Online news distribution service PRWeb announced TweetIt, a new add-on service with important social media implications. The service allows customers to automatically share a news release through Twitter at the same time it is distributed through standard PRWeb syndication channels. This is the latest of social media features added by PRWeb to help its clients leverage social messaging.

To share their news through Twitter, PRWeb customers simply include their tweet when uploading their news release. PRWeb then posts the tweet, including a link to the online release, to their Twitter account when the news release is posted. The new service is available immediately with the company's social media visibility package and above. It was unclear in the announcement whether TweetIt would use a PRWeb or Vocus Twitter account or the client's Twitter account, but I think it's safe to assume that the client gets that privilege.

"As the leading online news distribution service, PRWeb has attracted some of the most technologically-savvy customers in the industry who are looking for innovative ways to communicate their news to the world," said Bill Wagner, chief marketing officer of Vocus, Inc. "Recognizing the growing popularity and importance of social media platforms, such as Digg, Twitter and YouTube, TweetIt adds to a stable of features that helps our customers integrate social media into their communications strategy with one easy step."