Quantcast Marketer - Competition for Google Insights?

If you're on the lookout for tools and services to help improve your Web media planning and buying, audience measurement service Quantcast announced the launch of a doozy of a free solution which provides insights from online consumer interactions associated with advertisers brands.

Quantcast Marketer allows online media buyers to tag and measure all Web-based media they control including ad campaign impressions, search activity, brand website content and specific purchase or conversion events. The service intends to move beyond traditional analytics and provide a better understanding of demographic and interest-based characteristics of audiences through the entire marketing funnel.

The service has been beta-tested by clients and agencies including Lenovo, Scotttrade, Kia, Virgin America, Razorfish and many others.

Developing detailed audience profiles allows advertisers to identify and evaluate the specific characteristics of audiences that engage with their brands. While this level of digital interaction insight and segmentation is not new per say, there is an immense amount of value in it for online media buyers.

"Quantcast Marketer has changed the way we think about defining our customer targets. They made the challenging task of understanding discreet consumer segments much easier," said R.J. Hilgers, SCP, managing director at Razorfish. "We've uncovered new insights about our customers that have helped drive changes to our digital media strategy."