Quick List of Popular Heatmaps on the Market

The success of a website is impacted by its ease of use. After all, we live in a fast paced world and consumers typically won't engage with a site that is difficult to navigate - especially when the competition's website is just a click away.

Fortunately, there are a variety of website visitor tracking tools available on the Web, including heatmaps, that can help designers optimize website navigation. Heatmaps are beneficial because they provide a visual representation of how site visitors are interacting with every area of a website. These insights can then be used to enhance navigation for better usability.


Discover five popular heatmap solutions by taking a look at the quick list below.


Crazy Egg

Users can see hotspots on each Web page with just a quick glance. That said, Crazy Egg offers more than just heatmaps. In fact, the company offers a variety of visual analytic features, including scroll maps that can help users gain insights into visitors' scrolling patterns, as well as a feature called Confetti, which correlates traffic sources to site behavior.



Webtrends offers heatmaps as a feature in its Multi-Channel Analytics solution. With the heatmap feature, users can view a visual overlay for both their Web and mobile pages. Hotspots show where customer activity is most common while dark spots show areas that are typically overlooked by site visitors.


With Clickdensity heatmaps, users can better detect design barriers. The solution enables users to view every click made on a Web page, which can help designers improve the site's navigation and ease of use. Moreover, the platform highlights the areas where visitors are not clicking, so designers can improve the underperforming areas of a website.


ClickTale offers a heatmap suite that includes visual mapping solutions for mouse movement, clicks, scrolling and visitor attention. Each heatmap offers unique visual visitor data that can be leveraged to optimize site performance.

Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer offers a variety of analytic solutions, including heatmaps and clickmaps. Through the platform users can view where visitors are and are not clicking on different test variations of a Web page.