Recommendation Engines to Boost On-Site Linking

High-ranking pages tend to have more internal links than their low-ranking counterparts. This not only impacts search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives, but also helps visitors find additional related information on the site.

For this strategy to work, however, links must point to relevant information that adds value, as this strategy isn't simply about increasing the number of citations. Instead, it's about providing a better user experience while also increasing time on site and search rankings.

For help increasing your relevant on-site linking strategy, read below to discover six recommendation engines that can help:


AddThis offers content recommendation tools to help users increase their on-site engagement. The recommendations are based on popular content as well as content that is relevant to each visitor's interests. According to the company, its personalized content recommendations increase click-through rates by up to 50 percent more than regular recommendations.

IBM Content Recommendations

IBM's Content Recommendations software automatically delivers the most targeted content to site visitors based on their current and historical interests. In addition, the software takes crowd preferences and programmable business rules into consideration when delivering recommendations. It is also important to note that the recommendations can be delivered across channels, and the software provides analysis and reporting.


With BrightInfo, publishers can put ad units on their sites to drive traffic without taking up any of their regular ad space. The recommendation solution offers site visitors personalized and contextually relevant premium content from the publisher or the publisher's advertisers (based on factors like individual and crowd behavior). Plus, BrightInfo's content offers are optimized for all devices.


Marketo's content recommendation engine combines real-time targeting and personalization with machine learning and predictive analytics to identify visitor profiles and behavior patterns and recommend the best content for every interaction. The company goes as far as comparing itself to Amazon, saying that it does the same thing to content as what Amazon does for recommended retail products on its site.


Outbrain's Engage solution enables users to showcase their most valuable and engaging content. Outbrain offers tools that allow users to recommend content with predictive analytics, which reduces the complexity of programming content, increases audience engagement and maintains the publisher's editorial voice.


Taboola helps users increase site engagement by using real-time data and predictive analytics to recommend the right content to the right visitor at the right time. By doing so, visitors tend to hang around longer, view more pages, share content and return to website more often.