Recurring Sender Tool from Contactology

Contactology, a provider of email marketing software, announced today the implementation of its Recurring Sender tool, which automatically grabs content from a web URL and sends it to email subscribers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Pretty interesting in light of all the complexity surrounding and expertise required for small and medium businesses to compete on the email marketing front. Rather than creating a separate email campaign, Contactology creates the email from a URL and sends to a marketers list of email subscribers, eliminating the need to manually create separate email campaigns.

For those heavily involved in email marketing, a service/solution like this one could save you an immense amount of time.

News and entertainment website is sending its daily news summary using Contactology's Recurring Sender. "Before Contactology, we were managing our newsletter internally," said Rachel Hagen, project manager at "Using Contactology's Recurring Sender has automated the entire process. We post the content into our email friendly web URL and Contactology pulls the page into their application each day, scans for any spam issues, and automatically sends without any additional work from our team."