Redefining & Optimizing O2O (Online to Offline) with CPR

Offline enterprises have traditionally had an incredibly difficult time tracking the impact that their digital advertising spend produces but that is beginning to change. 

Cost-per-revenue platform Empyr this week introduced CPR, a cost-per-revenue marketing platform that could completely redefine online-to-offline performance marketing by combining customer rewards and card linked technology to deliver tracking that will enable brands to advertising online and pay only for sales that occur in-store and which can be directly attributed to their ads. 

While brands with a physical presence have long used cost-per-click and cost-per-impression advertising, the methods ultimately come up short because they cannot track which clicks or impressions resulted in in-store sales. 

Empyr's CPR offering ensures that marketers only pay a fee when a card-linked transaction is completed in-store. In-store sales will be immediately attributed to online offers or ads as a result of Empyr's direct integrations with all three leading credit card associations. 

"The days of not knowing which of your digital advertising dollars are wasted are over," said Jon Carder, CEO and Co-Founder, Empyr. "Marketers no longer have to wonder which of their digital ads are driving offline sales. With CPR they can track an online consumer to an in-store purchase in under a minute, and they only pay for revenue generated-that's the ultimate form of performance marketing."