Report Shows Top Deal Makers in PR Sector

Companies decide to work with public relations firms for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to growing their business through the creation and execution of digital marketing campaigns that couldn't have been done in house. 

Deciding which firm to work with, however, can sometimes be as difficult of a question to answer as the initial decision to hand over PR responsibility. That said, it's interesting and even helpful to see how many deals a firm has, how much they landed particular deals for and where they stack up against other top deal makers in the public relations advisor sector. This is why Mergermarket, a business development tool, released its quarterly key finds and analysis of this. 

Find out what companies are debuting this year, those that top the leader boards and those that have dipped in ranking in the US, as well as overseas, here

A few key findings in the U.S. include:

  • Hering Schuppener Consulting (AMO) made a giant leap from Q1 of 2012 in deal value from its 99th place ranking to 17th for Q1 2013
  • The Brunswick Group topped the leader board in deal value quite handedly as it advised in some of the biggest deals this year including Heinz and Dell.

  • The U.S. market looks optimistic amid the Dow Jones breaking records and mega-deals sparking hope for M&A resurgence. With a total value of $172.4 bn from 727 deals, Q1 surpassed the deal value for Q1 2012 ($125 bn, 922 deals), by 38 percent.