Rich Media Visibility Metrics

How do you know how much "visibility" your rich media ads are receiving? Short answer - you don't... but you do now. EyeWonder rolled out its Ad Visibility Suite yesterday, a set of metrics designed to give advertisers and publishers analysis of the real time an online ad is physically within the viewable area of a browser.

Among the metrics included in the suite are total time (in seconds) an ad is physically visible to users within their browsers, average visible time (in seconds) and visible time by percentage of visible area. Beyond interaction and click-through metrics, the Ad Visibility Suite tells advertisers which parts of their ads are actually visible at any given scroll position.

"As a leading innovator in the interactive digital advertising space, we're pleased to be the first rich media provider to offer these visibility metrics to our clients," said Ricky McClellen, EyeWonder's Chief Information Officer. "They make a great addition to our already robust reporting platform by complementing the ad interaction data we provide. Customers get a more comprehensive view of their ad performance by seeing the exact amount of time users have ads in their browser windows and comparing that with length of engagement. We're bringing these two pieces of the puzzle together to provide a more complete picture of what constitutes a successful online ad campaign, resulting in more meaningful measurement."