Selling eBooks

The rise of e-books and e-readers opens new doors for potential business-to-business authors. One can self-publish their own e-book and sell it online or market the business documents they've worked so hard to create - the opportunities are limitless. Below are some e-book publishers, document marketplaces and digital libraries where buyers and sellers exchange B-to-B content.


If you are looking to publish and sell that business e-book, Lulu is one of the first places you should investigate. Using simple publishing tools, authors format and upload their own digital content and then take advantage of Lulu's global marketplace, social networking and author services, free customized online stores and retail listings on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many more. The generous 80/20-revenue split also empowers authors to profit from their work.

While this company offers a range of professional editorial and self-publishing tools that authors would expect from a traditional publisher, iUniverse's marketing services are probably its strong suit. Their special recognition and awards programs are designed to create more opportunities for retail presentation and placement that goes well beyond the Internet.

Issuu is an e-publishing platform that enhances and customizes digital editions of your content that can be marketed and sold to target audiences. Used by some of the top publishing companies and other brands looking to reach new audiences for their digital business content, Issuu's Pro Solution starts at $19 per month.

This is both a digital publishing library and marketplace where users can read, publish, buy, sell and share content. Anyone can publish in a range of formats including reports and presentations, e-books, catalogs and more. The YUDU Plus and Pro products are the professional self-publishing options for writers, authors, businesses and marketers.

Your business documents are made available through one source on this site and indexed by Google and Bing, then shared through over 200 of the largest Web services to increase the visibility of your work and your company. Edocr ensures that any document uploaded has a greater return on the investment of producing it, whether you are a small to medium-sized business owner or part of a global corporation.