Single-Serving Website Challenge

Single-serving websites -- stand-alone Web pages that aim to accomplish one task (and ideally one task only) -- are the latest craze among designers and developers. Look around and you'll find thousands of examples ranging from the functional ( - an IP-to-location mashup) to the artistic (check out Rafaël Rozendaal's impressive work with,, or and of course the flat out ridiculous (

For the entrepreneurial among us, single-serving sites present a unique opportunity to showcase innovative ideas and creative talents. But they also offer a viable way to go viral with marketing messages. That's why Website Magazine is challenging you to take the Single-Serving Website Challenge!

How to Get Started: Design or develop a single-page website (preferably on a new dedicated domain - but older domains are fine, too) on any topic you dream up. Potential topics include something in the news, a trending topic on Twitter or Google Trends, a fun point-and-click interactive page, or something silly. What we really want to see is a unique website that entertains and has the potential to reach viral status while, at the same time, promoting your business. After all, entertainment is great but we're really here to make money. Deadline for this challenge is August 13th, 2009.

The purpose of this is to let you, a Website Magazine reader, showcase your talent and get some attention for your work. The top ten single-serving websites submitted will be featured in the upcoming anniversary edition of Website Magazine. More than 140,000 Web professionals will see your design - you could pay for that kind of exposure but impress the online support form. Winners will be notified upon completion of the challenge.

Good luck! If you've got questions, post them below or send us an email (