SitePal Avatars Next Best Thing to Human

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 01 Mar, 2010

Gaining life through a unique technology called 3-D Photoface, an impressive new lineup of speaking avatars has been introduced by SitePal, a Web communications innovator owned by Oddcast. If one of SitePal's 250-plus, customizable virtual people isn't suited to delivering your company's message or interfacing with customers, build your own talking head by uploading a photo and following a few simple steps.

SitePal is unveiling the avatars as its New Generation, and thanks to 3-D Photoface, they are the most lifelike creations we've seen on the Web. The animated speaking characters have strikingly human characteristics, down to their detailed facial expressions and customized voice personalities.

While the technology behind the new avatars may be complex, SitePal has made its implementation process quick and painless. In three easy steps users can design their own avatar or build from one of the hundreds in stock; record a script or use built-in text-to-speech (TTS) in multiple languages, and publish the character to their Web site, Flash application, E-mail, blog, PowerPoint or eBay auction, making it more personal and persuasive.

The four pricing packages range from $9.95 per month ($99.50/year) to $249.95 per month ($2,499.50/year), with the different features including the amount of audio streams and secure domains included, and levels of TTS functionality and lead generation. Advanced features include the SitePal Server API that allows comprehensive programming via secure API calls, and Advanced Asset Management for performing up to thousands of audio and background searches, sorting, filtering and bulk uploading.