Smarter Digital Marketing for Franchises

Email marketing service StreamSend has announced a service that provides the ability to market and deliver personalized campaigns for individaul franchise locations.

StreamSend's new Franchise Market Automation solution lets a central marketing person or digital agency efficiently launch and report on campaigns across the franchise with personalized content from an individual location or direct sales representative. 

"For many franchises, leveraging a consistent brand image with timely campaigns while connecting locally has been a tricky balancing act," said Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing. "Even the best email solution means little if direct sales or location sales managers lack the time or expertise to make it happen or do it right. Meanwhile, central marketing wants to help, but doesn't have the time or resources to plug into all the individual franchise accounts."

Streamsend is essentially offering up an alternative to bridge this franchise marketing gap, empowering the marketer to send brand messages that connect to customers at the community level - a true multi-level email marketing campaign that connects the marketer, the local franchise and the customer to build a relationship over time.

"Centralized email marketing built on local relationships lets franchises reach customers with the messages they want from a sender they recognize and trust," continued Forootan. "With Franchise Market Automation, franchises can amplify their brand at dozens or hundreds of locations while they speak to their customers one at a time."