So You Think You Know Mobile?

Success with mobile demands mastery of many aspects of technology. Test your mobile readiness in this month's Website Magazine Quiz Time.

1. True or False
An 'adaptive layout' is one that uses media queries to change the site's design for specified devices or window sizes; it is a more manual and less granular strategy that responsive design.

2. A 'responsive layout' is based on a...
a) fluid grid
b) static grid
c) adaptive grid
d) all of the above

3. A mobile application development platform, or MADP, is...
a) a development tool that sometimes includes a mobile middleware server.
b) used in building hybrid or native apps for each platform from a single codebase.
c) both A and B.
d) neither A or B.

4. The viewport is an HTML meta tag that...
a) gives site administrators a real-time view of user interactions.
b) tells the browser how to behave when it renders a Web page.
c) displays Web pages within an application.
d) none of the above.

5. True or False
A 'device API' is a mobile platform-specific API that lets applications access specific mobile software functionality.

6. In mobile marketing/advertising, a CPI campaign...
a) is when advertisers pay publishers for increases in brand influence.
b) is when publishers pay advertisers for each pre-defined interaction by users.
c) is when advertisers pay publishers for each installation of a mobile app linked to the ad.
d) all of the above

7. The acronyms 'DAU' and 'MAU' stand for...
a) daily active users, monthly active users.
b) diverse active users, mobile active users.
c) direct accessibility units, mobile accessibility units.
d) none of the above.

8. Progressive Web Apps...
a) use modern Web capabilities to deliver native app-like experience to users.
b) can be downloaded directly by users without going through app stores.
c) are typically faster and can be updated more easily by developers.
d) all of the above

9. True or False
A push notification is a communication technique to remind users of the app's presence by sending  system alerts or other messages.

10. A 'session interval' is defined as...
a) the time between the user's first session and their next one.
b) the time period between an app's open and close.
c) both A and B.
d) neither A or B


0-4 POINTS - Digital Newbie.
Some hazing is required.

5-9 POINTS - Mid-Level Maven.
The Junior Varsity of the Web.

7-10 POINTS - Web Master.
The envy of every digital room.

Answers: 1.True; 2.a; 3.c; 4.b; 5.False; 6.c; 7.a; 8.d; 9.True; 10.a