Solving the Oh

Imagine seeing an acquaintance at a store who you embrace and make small chit chat with, and then imagine seeing that same friend at a dinner party (even later that night) who then acts like he or she has never seen you before. It happens, but on the Web it doesn't need to.

In a way, that's how a shopper may feel when he or she does business with your brand from his or her desktop computer but then is treated like a total stranger when visiting from his or her mobile device. In today's tech-driven world, that's just not good enough, especially when buyers increasingly expect to do business on whichever channel or device they want to without a drop in experience. 

Monetate, a provider of multi-channel personalization, has announced its Monetate Customer Intelligence product, which helps marketers deliver personalized experiences by recognizing customers across devices and channels. The way it works is it interprets key attributes and critical behavioral signals buried in "mountains" of online and offline data to inform evidence-based marketing strategies.

"Gaining a unified view of the customer is the holy grail of marketing," said Lucinda Duncalfe, CEO, Monetate. "Traditionally, it has been very tough for brands to achieve this level of clarity and precision. Today, it's more accessible than ever before. Whether people are shopping in-store or online, each of their actions should influence the next marketing decision. The innovative strides we've set forth in the Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer make all of this possible."

The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer offers the following capabilities:

- Customer Profiles: Brand interactions convey truths about customers' wants, needs and preferences. 

- Customer ID Synchronization: By synchronizing unique identifiers, marketers can treat customers as whole individuals instead of fragmented pieces and benefit from a holistic understanding.

- Data Activation: Marketers can bring together all of their data sources, online or offline, for delivering relevant experiences.

The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer drives cross-screen experiences, customer analytics and insights, predictive intelligence and more.

"The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer gives brands a competitive edge," continued Duncalfe. "It equips them with unprecedented understanding and opens new doors to a future filled with limitless marketing possibilities."