SSL Trials from Symantec/Verisign

If you're in the market for a SSL Certificate - check this out. Symantec this week launched a free trial of all its VeriSign Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates, including a free trial of a fully functional Extended Validation (EV) SSL.

Site owners and developers will be able to try out any of the Verisign SSL on their websites for a period of 30 days free. Excited? Wait, it gets better. If you don't have a website/business that requires SSL encryption you can even try the Verisign Trust Seal free for 60 days. The Holidays have come early for the Web. Hooray!

Along with the VeriSign Trust Seal, VeriSign SSL and EV SSL Certificates authenticate the identity of the site's operators. And, all VeriSign trusted sites are scanned daily for malware and are emblazoned with the VeriSign seal when their links appear in search results on participating search engines and online marketplaces, which ultimately helps increase traffic to those trusted websites.

"Even just a few weeks after engaging VeriSign SSL and EV SSL Certificates, online businesses frequently measure impressive uplifts in conversion rates, orders and revenue," said Tim Callan, head of Trust Services product marketing at Symantec.

"This is because consumers look for reassurance online, and nothing reassures them more than the sight of the world's most recognized trust mark. Add the increased confidence that comes with the EV SSL green address bar, and businesses have a powerful toolkit for building trust. With this free trial for all of our SSL, EV SSL and Trust Seal products, Symantec is offering businesses the opportunity to measure the real-world return they get from these products at absolutely no risk."