Stumble Upon Releases an Explore Feature

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 18 Aug, 2011

The new explore feature from StumbleUpon provides users with a search engine-like aspect that allows stumbling to be more directly correlated with specific topics of interest.

By typing in a word to the Stumbleupon Explore Box, users are brought to related community-endorsed content. The explore box also gives automated suggestions that users can choose from. For example, when typing the word "pets" suggestions for "Zhu Zhu", "pets and animals", "pets desktop wallpaper" and "funny pets" appear as well as suggestions for topics "you may also like" such as dog, dog health and dog breed.

This new feature makes filtering results easier than customizing the 500 set categories, which was the only way to filter previously. It also may lead to longer time on site for the sites that are lucky enough to be stumbled upon.