Tis the Season for Good Impressions (and Deeds)

Most of us are hustling to get our work done before taking an extended break over the upcoming holiday, but it's always important to take a step back, be thankful for the gifts we're given, and give back (even if it's just a little) to those in need.

the Rubicon Project, an Internet advertising infrastructure company, is aiding publishers' corporate social responsibility efforts this year with Good Impressions, a charity program for customers to donate a portion of their site impressions to non-profit organizations through their REVV platform.

The Rubicon Project has partnered with the World Food Program, the world's largest humanitarian organization which works with 80 countries worldwide, for the start of the program to provide customers an opportunity to support a globally relevant cause.

"We've come to expect the Rubicon Project to do an outstanding job of managing and optimizing our display inventory, but we're particularly thrilled that they've given Candystand.com the opportunity to become a digital agent of change," said Scott Tannen, President of FuntankLLC/Candystand.com. "We feel great about serving not only our consumers, but also a global community in need through Good Impressions."

Donated impressions through the month of December will feature the World Food Program's promotions for Shop Against Hunger and Gift of Hope, campaigns focused on raising funds for the organization during the holiday season.