Virtual Phone Offerings Get a Mighty Makeover

While a website can make a business look more robust than it actually is, virtual phone services can make it sound bigger than it is.

That's the premise behind Infratel's latest round of offerings. MightyCall, a platform that enables Web hosters and cloud service providers to cost-effectively offer virtual phone services to its clients, provides two virtual phone services: MightyCall Receptionist and MightyCall ClickConnect.

MightyCall Receptionist provides very small businesses with a dedicated phone number, auto attendant and a Web-based voicemail. This offering targets businesses that might not have a typical office infrastructure. The functionality works to garner more credibility for these businesses. 

MightyCall ClickConnect is a widget that offers the ability to add click-to-call on a website, so consumers can call the webmaster directly from the website, rather than filling out an online form and waiting for a response. This immediate service can help increase conversions and keep the user on the site. 

These services, while targeted to small and even very small businesses, are marketed to Web hosters rather than the businesses directly. Infratel CEO, Bryan Goode, who joined the company in April of this year, said really the question became 'how do you reach these businesses in a cost-effective way?' The answer was through Web hosters. 

"It's really a philosophical business practice that we don't sell directly to small businesses, instead we reach them through who they already know and that's their Web hoster," said Goode.

Web hosters are then able to bundle these services and, in turn, possibly increase ARPU (average revenue per user) and reduce customer churn.  

"One of the problems that a typical Web hoster has is that while their service is in demand, it's hard to differentiate themselves," said Goode. "So by adding solutions like this to their bundle, we allow Web hosters to differentiate themselves. One of the things we've done is priced these services aggressively."

As a long-time hosting space player, Goode says he understands the price points one needs to hit to be competitive. The end customer price for MightyCall Receptionist is less than $10 a month, while MightyCall ClickConnect is less than $5 a month. However, working with the hoster, these can be bundled for very low fees. 

Also tied to the launch is the acquisition of the assets of RTC Lab, a company that specializes in developing real-time web based communication and telephony services.

The acquisition of the assets of RTC Lab follows Infratel's recent Series A funding ($3 million) and is a strategic enhancement to Infratel's click-to-call solution.