Who Knew Groupon Would Deny Google? We Did!

Sure, by now you've likely heard the news that Google has failed in its bid to buy Groupon. Apparently, $6 billion just wasn't enough. It's also come out that Yahoo was interested in purchasing Groupon, too. In the end, Groupon made the right call - even though turning down $6 billion sounds insane to most people. And I'm not normally one to say "I told you so" ... but I told you so.

Groupon is free to do whatever they want, at this point. That might be an IPO. If anything, it secures Groupon's spot as a leader in the local advertising market. This deal falling apart is a win for Groupon, for Facebook, for the city of Chicago and just about everyone else, except for Google. This will be remembered as the biggest Google deal that never happened. But, I expect we haven't heard the last of Google's interest in the group coupon business.