Your New Pal: A Mobile Fundraising Alternative

Every business and professional for that matter needs a helping hand at one point or another, but for nonprofits, they continuously need people in their corner.

For nonprofits like the Red Cross, Autism Speaks, the National Kidney Foundation and more, BidPal has long been that champion - providing them with the technology they need to raise more money, expand their donor base and cater to on-the-go donors. BidPal has now gone a step further, introducing a low-cost fundraising alternative: do-it-yourself mobile bidding.

Mobile bidding works similar to how one would bid for items aloud or by writing down their bid on a piece of paper - think vacation packages, framed art, gift baskets, etc. - but rather from his or her mobile device at his or her table. For nonprofits, they can capture guest credit card information at registration, log them in to the mobile bidding on their smartphones and then the software will basically take care of the rest - texting outbid notifications, raffle ticket purchases and more. 

The best part of mobile bidding comes when the event is about to end or ends altogether as mobile bidding (see image below) provides instant checkout, emailed receipts, and robust post-event analytics and reporting results.

BidPal offers plenty of other intriguing options for nonprofits as well. Its giving scorecoard is one to consider, as it provides event attendees real-time status updates on current bids, incentivizing them to bid more and make sure they go home a winner. Nonprofits using this kind of gamification are sure to increase the amount of money they earn for their cause.