Analytics for Push Notifications in Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the next big thing in mobile Web development for many reasons but enterprises are increasingly drawn to one of its most powerful features - push notifications. 

A push notification is essentially just a message that pops up on a mobile device and publishers (app publishers in the case publishers of progressive Web apps) can send them at any time. Essentially, users don't even have to be in the app or using their devices to receive these push notifications. That's obviously quite appealing to marketers, but these messages have been quite difficult to measure response from - although that's about to change. 

Marketers using Mobify, for example, now have the ability to monitor push notifications from their progressive Web apps. The new capability enables retailers to understand how shoppers are engaging, which messages are delivering the best conversion rates and having the greatest impact on revenue, and how campaigns are performing overall, by individual device or specific campaign. 

Consumer electronics and home appliance retailer and Mobify customer eXtra saw a 4x increase in return visits when shoppers subscribed to Web push notifications, with a 100 percent increase in sales from those arriving via Web push notifications.

"Given the high value of this new channel, many retailers want to get started with web push notifications, and they expect to track simple metrics, such as subscriber counts and number of messages sent and clicked," said Mobify Chief Product Officer Peter McLachlan.

"But with Web Push Notification Analytics, we're also able to show them the impact of their efforts on revenue, with metrics like number of transactions completed, revenue gained, and average order value. This helps ensure the focus is where it should be -- on which types of messages are resonating best with shoppers."