Android App Usage Data for China (Finally)

While iOS is the top mobile operating system in use in the United States, Android dominates in China (roughly an 80 percent market share). What other usage trends can be gleaned from Android usage in the second-largest overall economy in the world (behind the U.S.)? Apparently, not a lot as app makers and marketers have struggled to get usage data to inform their decisions.

App Annie has  announced, however, the launch of China Android app usage metrics for more than 5,000 apps on its platform. Now-available metrics include: 

+ Usage Penetration: The percentage of users who used the app during a certain period.
+ Active Users: Monthly Active Users (MAU) and Weekly Active Users (WAU) available now. Daily Active Users (DAU) coming soon.
+ Cross-App Usage: A view into which apps are most commonly used together.
+ Sessions and Time: Sessions per user, time per session and time per user.
+ % Active Days: The average percentage of days in the period the app is used.
+ Data Usage: MB per user and MB per session.

"As a globally-focused company, we are very impressed by the impact the Chinese market has had on the mobile space and are devoted to providing the most reliable data into this  market for our customers," said Bertrand Schmitt, CEO and co-founder of App Annie. "China is a key leader in mobile and digital trends, and having independent and trustworthy insights into its mobile consumers is critical for businesses to build successful app strategies - both in China and internationally."