AddThis Offers Three New Social Plugins

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 10 May, 2012

The company formerly known as Clearspring has launched a new set of social plugins to help publishers better engage with their audiences. 

Clearspring recently changed its name to AddThis - after the company's popular share tool that is used by 14 million websites and reaches more than 1.3 billion users each month. The company's three new social plugins expand beyond sharing to help publishers and advertisers make their sites more personal and engaging, and they come with enhanced analytics that provide better insights on content-generating fans and followers. 

Check out more information about the three new plugins below:

  • Follow Tool - Enables publishers to place follow buttons with content on sites, which allows users to become fans, followers or subscribers with one click.
  • Trending Content Tool - This tool uses a content feed API to continuously promote a brand's top content in real time on their website, in newsletters or on social channels.
  • Welcome Tool - Publishers can optimize a new user's experience with this tool, by welcoming them with a personalized greeting and call-to-action.

"The flow of big data for advertisers and publishers is only valuable if the data becomes actionable," says AddThis CEO Ramsey McGrory. "AddThis powers the social web and social advertising through sophisticated data-driven products that make site owners and brands smarter and more effective."