Advertiser Outcome Score for Facebook's Audience Network Ads

Facebook is introducing a new metric that should help advertisers improve ad placement and provide greater transparency about the performance of those placements in the process.


The new Advertiser Outcome Score evaluates publisher ad placements and provides ratings on those publishers' ability to drive specific outcomes for advertisers. For publishers, the better the rating, the more likely it is they will be able to attract advertisers (and revenue).


"Historically, ad networks have rewarded clicks and CTR as the primary metrics publishers should care about," wrote Facebook's Huifang Yin.


"Our system is different - we pay publishers based on the outcomes they create for advertisers. We have heard from publishers that they want to know how best to optimize in our system, and we are committed to giving our partners actionable insights so that they can grow their businesses."


The Advertiser Outcome Score will be available in the Audience Network Dashboard.