Augmented Reality Has Arrived for the Marketing Influencers

IZEA has released a new technology service, dubbed Augmented Sponsorship, that will enable its brand clients to programmatically distribute 3-D assets to social media influencers, which those influencers can then be used to produce sponsored photo and video content for brands across social media platforms.


The new offering leverages the ARKit technology from Apple (available in the newly released iOS 11), which simplifies the placement of virtual 3-D objects and animations in real-world environments.


"We have made it easy for any brand or agency to distribute AR content to influencers using the workflow tools available in IZEAx," said Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO of IZEA.


"Our platform provides dynamic targeting and delivery of 3D assets to individual influencers, enabling those influencers to place and manipulate virtual objects, and include them in their content creation process. This opens up a whole new way for Influencers to engage with brands and produce compelling sponsored visual content for their audiences."


IZEA has launched its first Augmented Sponsorship campaign with CORT, a provider of furniture rentals for homes and offices. CORT is using IZEA's technology to provide 3D models of furniture to social media influencers, allowing them to place the virtual furniture in their home and share the experience with their friends and followers.


Check out a sample video from Amanda Waltman, a popular lifestyle influencer, using the technology over at Instagram or take a look below to see a video demonstration of how Augmented Sponsorship works.



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