Capturing the Pulse of Social Events

Social media intelligence platform Unmetric has released a new resource, dubbed Event Pulse, to capture and highlight brand-generated social content around significant sporting, cultural and entertainment events - like the Super Bowl.

For Super Bowl XLIX, users can track more than two dozen relevant, trending hashtags; filter and view content across more than 30 brand sectors such as automotive, food and beverage, sports, and media outlets; and view an up-to-date stream of the 'Top 20 Trending' brand Tweets based on overall audience engagement.

"In a world of fast-moving messages and paid social media, marketers must not only listen to what consumers are saying, but also stay on top of how competitors and other brands are successfully leveraging major events with engaging, inspirational and creative content," said Lux Narayan, CEO of Unmetric. "Event Pulse allows marketers to focus solely on brand content and is an essential addition to any real-time marketing command center."