Evaluate & Score Social Media Messages

Crafting the perfect social media message is part art and part science.


There's no one specific formula that can be applied to create the perfect message, of course, but there are some useful tools that social media marketers can explore and leverage if they want to compel users to click and share.


One such offering is that of the new Social Message Optimizer from CoSchedule. The online evaluation tool enables marketers to evaluate and score the messages for each network (Facebok, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+) before they post. The offering provides an analysis of the optimal message type for each network, the number of characters included in the message, whether hashtags are appropriate, the sentiment and if emojis will resonate with the network's audience. While the tool certainly doesn't provide all the answers, it's a great way to start thinking about ways to improve the performance on these platforms.


"We find that every business, regardless of size, is desperately searching for the best ways to engage their followers," said Garrett Moon, CEO and Co-Founder of CoSchedule. "With the Social Message Optimizer, we had a unique opportunity to develop a first of its kind tool that not only provides marketers an immediate benchmark but also reveals the mechanics behind the most engaging messages."


CoSchedule has other tools that will be appealing to social media marketers. It's Headline Analyzer for example helps marketers craft headlines that drive traffic and shares, taking into account word balance (the presence of common/uncommon words and their emotional response), length, order and sentiment.