Filling in the Blanks of Facebook Marketing

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 21 Apr, 2012

The best strategy for creating engaging marketing posts on Facebook is _____ .

A new study from social media analytics provider Simply Measured reveals that fill-in-the-blank posts on Facebook receive more comments than any others.

According to Simply Measured, JetBlue incorporated fill-in-the-blank posts into its Facebook content strategy approximately every seven to ten days over the past six weeks and discovered 182 percent more comments than other types of statuses, such as posts that contain links or multimedia.

However, the study also shows that statuses containing links were better performers for driving likes and shares.


It is important to note that although the fill-in-the-blank method was an obvious success for JetBlue, it doesn't mean that companies should start sending out a ton of posts that contain blanks. Social media managers should remember that variety is the spice of marketing life, so therefore it is important not to overuse any particular strategy.

Brands should experiment with different content strategies, compare and analyze the success of the types of posts that are being sent out, and remember that everything is good in moderation.

Otherwise, you may just be shooting blanks.