Google Plus to Become 2nd Biggest Social Network

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 08 Aug, 2011

Google Plus is barely a month old, however a report from Bloomberg and YouGov predict that it will pass Twitter and LinkedIn to become the number two social networking site.


So far, 13 percent of U.S. adults have signed up for Google Plus, and that number could increase to 22 percent before the end of the year.


The report also suggests that the 71 percent of U.S. adults that use Facebook could drop to 69 percent, perhaps because of more options in the social media scene. For both Facebook and Google Plus users, 30 percent say they would cut their Facebook time down to give more time to both sites, yet 31 percent claimed they have already deserted Google Plus.



Although Google Plus is still in its beginning stage, the site continues to grow and it may only be a matter of time until it becomes a social media habit.


Over the next year, social media sites are predicted to grow even more. Twitter is predicted to gain three percent of the U.S. population and LinkedIn is supposed to bring in two percent. And with predictions of Google Plus becoming the number two social media site, its record growth will continue to progress- especially after more features become available like business pages, which are rumored to launch later this year.