Increase Exposure with Facebook Coupons

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 17 Sep, 2012

There are many ways that marketers can promote their brands on Facebook - and Trumpia has just added another.


The multi-channel marketing solution provider has launched Facebook Coupons, which enables businesses to offer printable coupons directly from their Facebook Page. The coupons can be found within a business's Facebook Tabs, which act like additional Web pages on a Facebook Page. Trumpia clients can also customize Tabs and coupons by applying a template or by using the platform's HTML editor. Additionally, graphic coupons can be added to the Tabs by entering valid barcode numbers from a POS system.


Launching social coupons can prove to be a valuable marketing strategy because they can help businesses go viral within an online community. This is because businesses can set up their coupons to only be redeemable after customers "Like" their Page, and the more "Likes" a business collects, the more exposure it will gain by having its updates appear on fans' newsfeeds. This means that businesses are not only offering their customers money-saving deals by offering coupons, but can also use the coupons to strengthen their brand, increase visibility and boost sales.


"We've seen firsthand how Facebook can help businesses grow. What we're doing to magnify that growth is adding features and capabilities that Facebook doesn't directly offer," said Ken Rhie, CEO of Trumpia. "Businesses can target their online audience to gain exposure in today's digital world and bring in revenue."