Influencer Marketing at Scale

Influencer marketing automation software TapInfluence has released TapExchange, a marketplace of more than 30,000 opt-in, vetted and experienced digital influencers who create content across blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube and Pinterest.

Through TapExchange, which claims to reach more than 2 billion consumers worldwide, brands and agencies (advertisers) now have the ability to target very precise audiences by vertical interests and demographic characteristics. 

The solution essentially combines influencer profile data, influencer cost per engagement performance data and audience data (such as age, location, gender and household income) to provide advertisers an opportunity to reach the "right consumers, with the right content, at the right time" to improve targeting capabilities and (with any luck) increase ROI.

"The metrics around influencer marketing today are evolving beyond 'social reach,' which was the only indicator during the first era of influencer marketing when brands depended on celebrity endorsements. Influence is not about courting celebrities, it's about engaging real consumers with authentic social reach (we call them 'influencers') that create high-impact, value-add content on preferred social channels that sway the behavior and mindset of consumers," said Promise Phelon, Chief Executive Officer of TapInfluence.